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Are you Experienced? The 3rd Option!

March 12 2021 at 6:46 am
By: Okeefe 3%

This is a common question in buying and selling real estate in Vernon and the North Okanagan. Are YOU, the sales agent, experienced?


Should a seller or buyer be looking to work with that grizzled agent of 35+ years experience OR… the newly minted fresh agent, perhaps your best friend’s grandson, trying to get a start in the real estate industry in Vernon? It’s a good question. 

Many people choose that old cagy cigar chomping veteran agent… she has seen and done everything right? … including 2 tours of Vietnam while noting the obsolescence of her pager and fax as she hand writes the contract. She must know more from her years on the planet…wouldn’t she? Shouldn’t she? 

Others prefer to choose a fresh faced bambi who they believe will work harder because he needs the money for his new hair cut and tickets to the Justin Beaver concert he’s been dying to attend.  It feels good to help a friend get their 41 year old son out of their basement and start earning an income, doesn’t it?


But Hey! Is there another option? YES, Absolutely!


For the sale or purchase of the most important asset and usually biggest potential source of wealth in your life…your real estate property in Vernon, there is a 3rd option. And this 3rd option can have stunning results!


Not all agents are the same. You want to choose a High Sales Volume Mega Agent! A Top Producer!


David Bayles and Ted Orland in their book, Art & Fear, tell the story of the ceramics teacher who divided the class into 2 groups: One would be graded solely on the quality of their work and the other would be graded solely on the quantity.He was very straight forward about the grading criteria. The group graded on the quality would produce one pot, which needed to be perfect to get a A+. The quantity group would have all their pots weighed. If they produced over 50 kilograms they got an A+.


The results were quite revealing. 


The quality group spent much of their time planning the perfect pot but when it came time to create it they either made mistakes or their skills were too underdeveloped to fulfill their visions. The quantity group churned out pot after pot and in the process learned from their mistakes and perfected more advance techniques.  In the end the group that focused on quantity not only generated greater quantity but their work was of superior quality than the group whose sole focus was quality.


Top Performers are not born with their superior skills or talent. However, they have honed their craft of Selling Real Estate in Vernon and the North Okanagan through massive amounts of hard work and focused effort. They have produced the quantity and that has produced the quality that they can now offer.


Examples of Top Performers in other fields and their commitment to excellence include:


Author, JK Rowling who toiled for years with a young daughter while living on welfare, went on to become the first writer, according to Forbes, to earn a $1Billion dollars with her Harry Potter publications. Hard work honed her craft.


Wolfgang Mozart disciplined and pushed for years by his famous composer and domineering father Leopold Mozart becomes one of the most prolific and influential composers of the Classical period.


The Beatles, a fresh pop sensation that defined an era of music, had their skills sharpened while playing 7 days a week for 3 years in obscure bars in Germany before going onto America and ultimate success.


Behind any top performer in any field you will find a foundation of high volume of work and a commitment to excellence aimed at honing their craft. Quantity becomes quality when pursued with intention.


You are far better served working with the 3rd option - a Top Producing High Sales Volume Mega Agent- who may be outselling their peers 40% to 400%. These top performers may be selling 70-100+ homes a year.


Yes, that grizzled agent sold 70 homes but it took her the last 35 years to do it at max 2 homes per year. And let’s face it the young gun likely doesn’t have the savvy if he’s still spending time grooming his mullet and attending the latest rock pop concert. His intentions are aimed in the wrong direction. 


High Sales Volume Mega Agents have real experience, real training, and a real commitment to excellence backed up with the transactions to prove it. They ensure you sell for more money with less hassle which is what most people want when dealing with, what is more often than not, their largest personal asset. 


In Part 2 of this Post we will show you how to identify HSVM Agents and we will name a few in the Okanagan Valley to give you head start in your search for excellence.