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Top Performers with similar characteristics

March 16 2021 at 7:51 am
By: Okeefe 3%

In every field there are Top Performers with similar characteristics. Most notably setting these agents apart from the pack, is their passion for their industry, coupled with a foundation of high volume of work/hours and a commitment to excellence to hone their craft.


Let us be perfectly clear here… there are zero Top Performers who are part-time real estate agents in Vernon and the Okanagan Valley. The agents who hold other jobs or only work part-time due to unrelated obligations and or their inability or lack of interest in working at minimum 40 hours per week (but usually twice that) to become the best in their field are NOT top performers in the real estate industry in the North Okanagan.


You are far better served working with a Top Producing High Sales Volume Mega (HSVM) Agent who may be outselling their peers 40% to 400%.  High Sales Volume Mega  Agents have real experience backed by their many hours in the real estate industry in Vernon and the North Okanagan and ensure you sell your home for the most money with the least amount of hassle. These are the agents you want to entrust with the sale of what, in most cases, is your biggest asset. These are the agents that will get the job done right the first time.


That’s all well and good. It’s terrific to know this valuable piece of information but how do you go about finding these top performers in a sea of hundreds or even thousands of agents who believe being mediocre is okay?


It can feel like finding a pin in a haystack but there are usually tell-tale signs and a few distinguishing characteristics of mega producer that you can use to come to an informed decision about any agent. 


For starters a top performer will share their specific results. Now we are not talking about their office results but what they have sold specifically over a period of time as they will be proud of those results. And it is the individual agent’s results that are most important.


It is your right to ask them for their specific solds in your neighbourhood or community and all agents do have access and can share that data. If they are reluctant or only want to show the office results you have a massive red flag.


Another indicator is that they are able to articulate (again with the data to back them up) what is going on in your market at a macro and micro level. In addition they will offer insight into the specific customized marketing plan they have to sell your home. This should all be documented in a format that you can clearly understand.


Another strong indicator of a HSVM Performer is that they are able to provide evidence based data of what you can expect your home to sell for. They are not interested in buying your listing with flattery and an inflated price that gets your home listed but not sold. They want you to have the best fact based information to ensure your home gets sold.


Finally, a  top performer will have a team around them as a bi-product of them assisting so many happy families. They are constantly generating new leads (buyers/sellers) and clients that they will require assistance from team members to ensure consistent follow up. Often times these top performers will have specific departments specialized in assisting you in the various stages of the home sale. 


So be sure to interview your prospective agent and ask for their documentation including individual results, knowledge of market, specific marketing plan, how they arrived at the price for your home and who they have in house assisting them to create the best and most productive home selling experience for you.



Here is a list of the top performers (in no particular order) at the various offices in the North Okanagan we have either worked with or seen the proof of their excellent results time and time again….


Rob Brown

Oli Lebrun

Paige Gregson

Dace Hunsicker

Don Kassa

Patrick Ramsey

Anne Murphy

Tom Van Gelder