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April 22 2022 at 1:34 am
By: Okeefe 3%

We are more than just your average Real-Estate Office. We are locals and family-owned! We are active in our community and want to share our experiences with you. We also want to celebrate our community opening up after such a long time and we encourage you to support local businesses along with us!

The Pandemic has certainly raised anxiety levels and getting back to normal as restrictions are lifted can also be difficult. The internet is full of tips and tricks for coping and adjusting to the pace of change and to what the future may bring. Acknowledging that even positive change can lead to anxiety is important. We need to be kind to ourselves as we readjust to things we haven’t done in a while, including being in crowds and seeing beautiful faces 😊. There are many things that we can do to manage our feelings and make our lives easier. One of the top tips and tricks to re-engage with local community events is to attend along with our closest friends and family and plan around events so that you know what time an event will start and finish and how many people are likely to be there. Having at least a little bit of certainty around newfound freedoms can chase the worries away. As our office resolves to get out there again, participating at what now seems like a new level, we encourage you to enjoy some of what Vernon and the beautiful Okanagan offer its inhabitants.

 Check out some of the local events our team and family members are involved in or love to attend. 

The production of Ben-Hur at powerhouse theatre

                Jordan our Assistant Listing Coordinator is always active with the PowerHouse Theatre and will be providing his technical expertise with the score of this production. If you haven’t got tickets yet to this Festival work be sure to click the link and book your seat. This is a show you cannot miss!

Davison Orchard is opening on April 28th

                A town favorite if you have not had the opportunity to go yet! We suggest enjoying their opening day coming next week and be sure to pick up one of their famous pies. Click the link for more details

Armstrong Tulip Festival is coming soon

                We’ve been in the Vernon area a long time and are so excited to check out this festival for the first time. Who doesn’t love tulips? Keep an eye on the site for dates to come and we just might see you tip toeing along with us!

Vernon Farmers Market opened last week

                One of the greatest ways to support local businesses is to join them at the Market. Monday mornings is our time to go, hope to see you there. Dace, our resident “chef” extraordinaire certainly loves to prepare using local, organic, fresh fruit and veggies.

Caravan Farm Theatre is getting ready for its 2022 season

                We will be getting tickets to their events as Caravan Theatre never disappoints. Will you join us?

Check out all Vernon has to offer at this great calendar location

We are so grateful for this community!