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Tips that Get Vernon and North Okanagan Homes Sold Fast for Top Dollar! (Tip# 15)

November 30 2014 at 8:56 am
By: Okeefe 3%


The better you know your buyers the better you can use the negotiation process to your advantage. Additionally, this will allow you to control the pace and duration of the process. Although both buyers and sellers have much more options when buying and selling Vernon Real Estate in most cases emotions do take over and the plan gives way. Understanding those motivators for the purchase in many cases is the key to unlocking their emotions.

As a rule home buyers are looking to purchase the best affordable home for the least amount of money. Knowing what motivates them enables you to negotiation more effectively. For example, does you buyer need to move quickly, require vendor financing, need to sell their home. Armed with this information you are in a better position to bargain and make good decision for getting your home sold. 


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